How To’s

I have compiled a list of some of some tutorials, resources, guides and advice that I have found useful over the years.
Let me know if there are any other articles I can add to the list.

Photography (Film & Digital)

How To: Take better photographs & get the most out of your camera
How To: Make a matchbox 35mm pinhole camera
How To: Photograph Sunset & Sunrise
How To: Use ISO settings
How To: Make your photos stand out
How To: Take photographs at night (tips & tricks)
How To: Cross Process photographs
How To: Develop your own film
How To: Modify a Holga
How To: Mutiple expose with a 35mm camera
How To: Digitally age photographs without using Photoshop
How To: Brighten images for Product Photography

A beginners guide to film photography
The Ten Golden Rules of Lomography

Mixed Media & Fiber Art

How To: Create Polaroid Emulsion Transfers
How To: Image Transfer using a gel medium
How To: Image Transfer using solvents
How To: Heat Pleat with synthetic fibers
How To: Rust dye fabric
How To: Transfer Images using photo paper
How To: Alter books
How To: Dip dye fabric

DIY & Home Furnishing

How To: Make an envelope cushion
How To: Make homemade candles
How To: Make a Lampshade
How To: Decoupage Furniture
How To: Revamp old furniture
How To: Create style on a shoestring
How To: Make a padded headboard
How To: Make a pencil holder from a soup can
How To: Restyle an old photoframe
How To: Build shoe storage
How To: Build a spool thread holder
How To: Revamp old bed linens
How To: Fabric cover a memo board
How To: Know what paint to use
How To: Colour C0-ordinate a room
How To: Know how light can affect a colour scheme
How To: Create a mood board

Business & B
logging Tips:

How To: Turn a business idea into a success
How To: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tips
How To: Work Freelance: 10 things you should know first.
How To: Use Google Analytics
How To: Use Google Reader & Understand RSS
How To: Set up a Stat Counter
How To: Write a Guest Post
How To: Write a Press Release
How To: Create an XML Site Map
How To: Style your photographs

6 Blog post ideas for Art Bloggers.Beginners Guide to Google Webmaster Tools
9 Creative Women Share Secrets to Succeeding with Social Media

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