Artists Statement

Updated: 9th March 2012.

My work combines a range of practices including photography, installation, projections and mixed media. More recently I have been experimenting with photographic equipment that is more commonly used in wildlife conservation. I have been exploring the potential of ‘camera traps’ which are movement sensor cameras that are used to capture photographs of animals in the wild. I have been experimenting with these ‘traps’ in social environments to explore the voyeuristic elements of surveillance and cctv that is used in Britain.

As well as this I have been exploring the use of projections and my environment trying to combine the two. My work is interested in collective memory, the environment and is often autobiographical. I have been producing site specific installations using the projector to project images of ‘forgotten times’ on to buildings and houses that are due to be destroyed in a few months. I’ve been aiming to reflect on these forgotten memories and have been studying and researching in the local history library to understand this in further detail. My work prior to these recent projects has involved the use of family photographs and producing mixed media based work to reflect on more personal memories that involve trauma and bereavement. I am interested in the concept of ‘deconstruction’ and recontexualising imagery as a way of reflecting on the past and responding to it. I am interested in psychoanalytical theory and how individuals or entire communities can actively repress certain memories or experiences that are too painful to come to terms with. Continuous themes within my work have involved identity, memory, collective unconsciousness, repression and the hyper real.

Artists Statement: September 2011 –

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