An afternoon in le Marais…

This weekend I finally got round to visiting le Marais, a neighbourhood spanning across parts of the 3rd and 4th arondissements of Paris. The area is well known for it’s Jewish community as well as it’s large number of art galleries, beautiful, historical buildings, trendy cafes and bars.

A favourite place I came across was le Village Saint-Paul. Structured around courtyards and narrow streets, it is a creative hub for small, local galleries, antique shops, design and craft.

Check out previous posts on Maison Europeenne de la Photographie and Tokonoma Gallery which are also located in le Marais.

Below are some photographs taken during the afternoon, I also took a lot on my film camera which are still waiting to be developed.

Atelier et Galerie d'Art

Atelier et Galerie d’Art


Antique Shop.


Cafe on Rue de Rivoli


Antique Shop

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3 thoughts on “An afternoon in le Marais…

  1. Village St. Paul is one of my favourite spots in Paris! The twice-a-year Marché des Producteurs used to be held there (before it moved to the bland Boulevard des Italiens) and it was so nice to walk from one courtyard to another, discovering and tasting farmers’ produce…

    • Aw wow, Im gutted I missed that!! It is such a beautiful spot though, thanks for commenting. I’m really glad I found your blog, you seem to have travelled a lot and i’m currently enjoying looking through many of your interesting posts! Take care xx

  2. Thanks Helen for your kind words : ) Most of my travel is for work and I’m lucky that I usually get to go to interesting places. I see that you’ve just moved to Paris. I lived there for a year before moving to Brussels (work) and return quite often (work + my boyfriend lives in Paris). Happy to share recommendations around Paris if you ever need any!

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