Parkinprogress | WEYA 2012 – (Day 8) 35mm Film Manipulation

Just a quick update with some work I’ve been producing for Park in Progress, a 10 day collaborative residency based in Nottingham that is part of WEYA 2012.
For one piece I am creating a film/audio piece in collaboration with sound artist Win Chen Fu from Taiwan.

To create the film I have been experimenting with 35mm film which I then manipulate with alternative processes after it’s been developed.

Here are a few I’ve been working on today:


Door Stills I.

Door Stills II.

Door Stills III.

Door Stills VI

Door Stills IV

These are just a few, the plan is to then project these images onto a space in the castle grounds and implement the sound using piezo.
The exhibition takes place around the castle grounds this friday from 4-10pm and is completely free!
There are 40 artists all showing work as part of WEYA (World Event Young Artists) and individual specialisms range from performance art, installation, dance, poetry, music, film, photography and (probably) a lot more.

For more info:




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