Fragmented Memories | Projections.

I’ve been working in the project rooms at uni for the past couple of days experimenting with projections/film. Today I was exploring projecting photographic images on to torn bits of paper that had been strung up with pieces of cotton. Here’s a few images of the process and results:

Helen & Ant.



Peter 2.

Strung up.

Daddy 2.


This is just a mock up for a large scale installation I’m planning that will involve hundreds of these torn pieces of paper and a film that will be projected on to them. At the moment I’m still playing with the translucency of the different pieces of paper and different ways of using the projector to manipulate the images.  Feedback as always is really appreciated! :)
P.s, I’m really honored to have been featured on one of my favourite sites: Photojojo, check out the post here – DIY: Turn Digital Photos into Vintage-like Prints with Mulberry Paper

3 thoughts on “Fragmented Memories | Projections.

  1. I came across you from Photojojo, love your work, I have to say I was struck as I found your themes and ideas are very close to a project I am doing around ‘Fragmented Memories’ working with service users in health, I’m filming a poetic narrative with glimpse and fragments of photos, collage and text, the multi layered techniques reflecting the layers of memories.
    Loved your prints on mulberry paper, I’ll have to give that a try.
    glad I found this site :)

    • Hey! I’m so glad to hear that. Your work sounds really intriguing and I’d love to read/see more about it if you have any links or photographs to share?
      Hopefully we can inspire each other! Thanks for the kind words. :) x

      • I’ll post some photos later, a lot of he work I can’t post because I’m working with service users in health settings, but I’m creating a work using archive photos, recording memories, using projection and poetic narrative for a filmic, mixed media, film installation aiming for completio in 2013, (as part od Portraits of a City Project for Derry, City of Culture).

        I’ve 2 up coming group exhibitions, one photographic, recreating Hollywood and the other 3 pieces for International Womens Day, which was part photography, collage mixed media. I was struggling as how to present, print etc, then inspired by you, I experimented with the Mulberry paper technique and have used it as part of the presentation. I’ll post them later

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