Double Exposure | Layering & Juxtaposing Family Photographs

These were some more photographs I took yesterday using the same technique as the previous post. (Layering acetate over a photographic background).

Untitled. Acetate Inkjet Print, Vintage Photograph

Untitled II. Acetate Inket Print, Vintage Photograph

'III'. Acetate Inket Print, Quilted Fabric.

'IV', acetate inkjet print, wallpaper.

'Anthony', acetate inkjet print, book page.

Studio space: projection series.

Just ordered a ‘blender pen’ off the internet because I have no idea what one is in the U.K or if we even sell them? If anyone knows what the English version would be please let me know, haha! When it arrives I’m going to be trying to do some blender pen transfers. I found some gorgeous examples of the technique yesterday so I’ll post them up soon.
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