Layering Acetate Prints – Wallpaper, Book Pages, Letters & Fabric.

I’ve spent the afternoon in the studio printing photographs on to acetate and then layering the image over different backgrounds to see what type of results it produces. I photographed all the pieces and then edited them a little bit in Photoshop. There were over 100 images all together but these are a few of my favourites.

'Ivy Day In The Committee Room'

'Summer Fete, 62'

'Boy I'




'Girl', Self Portrait.



I really like the images and it’s been a really creative afternoon that’s gave me a lot of fresh ideas to work with. The only difficult part has been trying to photograph acetate and not capture any reflections in the process. The I used a variety of backgrounds such as letters from my dad’s archive, book pages from a damaged copy of ‘Dubliners’ by James Joyce as well as some quilted fabric and vintage wallpaper. Also I apologise that you’ve probably seen atleast ten different variations of these photographs, I’m just trying to be resourceful with these acetate prints until I get more made.

Let me know what you think. I’ll be updating again later with a different series of images that I did today also.

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11 thoughts on “Layering Acetate Prints – Wallpaper, Book Pages, Letters & Fabric.

    • Hi Lucy,
      I wouldn’t recommend using photographs that have been developed. They have a plastic film which won’t transfer very well, if at all.
      I’ve found the best results when I photocopy my image and paste the image maker on that. Otherwise printed images okay as well but i’ve found that the ink smudges sometimes and the image isn’t as crisp as using a photocopy. Hope this helps. x

  1. thats really useful thank you, have a photocopier so itll work well :) im just going to experiment with different mehods etc.. would you reccomend using acetate paper? and getting it printed on?
    thanks for all the help!

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