Multimedia Work | Family Photos & Projection Experimentation

I’ve been experimenting with something completely new and different to me this week. I’m cringing a bit as I upload these photographs but nearly everyone who completed my survey has said they would like to see more of my own art work so this is to show you what I’ve been working on today.
The concept for the work is looking at the transience of youth and using the projector and family images as a way of reflecting on the past.I’ve been looking at psychoanalytical theories for my dissertation and have been trying to incorporate some of these ideas into my work. In particular Jacques Lacan ideas on ‘the mirror stage’.

Here are some really early, experimental pieces. I’m still trying to get used to the materials and subject matter. Critical feedback is always welcome.

projection, installation family photographs

Dining Room 1.

installation, family photograph art

Dining Room 2.

projection, installation art

Dining Room 3.

photography shadow

Living Room 1.

installation art, family photo



I’m not sure how much I like working with multimedia, the possibilities are endless but I miss the tactile quality that I like my work to have and I think that is something that’s lost when working with digital images and video.

The inspiration behind these images comes from the work of Lorie Novak who started ‘Collected Visions’ where she collects family photographs from over 350 people to question how photographs shape our memories. I’ll put together a post especially for her work at a later date but here’s some examples of her previous works:

Lorie Novak, Fragments

Lorie Novak, Past Lives.

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2 thoughts on “Multimedia Work | Family Photos & Projection Experimentation

  1. Wow, I love how you seem to be in the scene. ‘Dining Room 2′ and ‘Living Room 1′ are great examples and very interesting. The creative juices are flowing. Thanks for the Inspiration! :)

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