Summer ’11: Reloved/Revamped & Junk Shop Finds

It’s that time again, now that University has finished for summer I can indulge in my other hobby which is buying junk and making it look pretty – hooraay!
Last summer I did a few of these posts which is slightly different from what I usually feature but a got a few good responses from the last ones which can be found here:

So I decided to do another, this time with a bedside table I bought from a junk shop for £4!




First I cleaned up the bedside table by sandpapering down the surface and then giving it a good clean with some warm soapy water.
Next I decided on a summer colour palette of pastels in blues, pinks and creams:

I picked up a few small tester pots from the local DIY shop and in total it cost me less than £3 for all three pots.
& I looked though Linda Barker’s ‘Just Junk‘ book and created a mood board for inspiration:

I’m happy with the finished result and I layered some complimentary wallpaper to finish it off. The only thing that needs changing is the handle which I’m on the look out for!

Some more junk shop finds to go in my room include:

Vintage Typewriter - £5 from British Red Cross


Singer Sewing Machine - £15 British Red Cross

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