EYE SEE 2011: A snapshot of Mali through the eyes of the children.

EYE SEE is an on going collaborative project between UNICEF and Sony Europe. It is an annual project and the idea behind it is to give African children the opportunity to learn about photography and tell their own stories through a series of images.

This year the project took place in Bamako, the capital of Mali and the resulting pictures which were taken by a group of children, aged 10-18 are absolutely beautiful. I’ve always been fascinated by what captures the imagination of a child and this project allows them to explore their own city in a new way and share this with the rest of the world.

The photographs capture their daily lives and explore themes ranging from friendship and family, to the harsh realities of extreme poverty and child labour.

Below you will find a selection of the images, please respect the copyright laws and I’d also like to thank Alex Martin, who is working in collaboration with UNICEF and Sony for bringing this project to my attention.
For more information on the project you can visit the EYE SEE website

Fatoumata Kalako holds her son in front of the family house in Hamdallaye. Bamako, Mali. © UNICEF/Abdoulaye Cissé

Fatoumata poses for UNICEF photographer Giacomo Pirozzi, as part of the EYE SEE initiative 2011. Bamako, Mali. © UNICEF/Giacomo Pirozzi

Garbage dump on a hill behind Marché de Medina Koura. “This place is dangerous and yet the children are there in great numbers to pick up trash,” said EYE SEE youth photo workshop participant Koritim Djire, 16.Bamako, Mali. © UNICEF/Koritim Djiré

Assetou Diarra prepares meat, while her grandson eats a mango in Hamdallaye. Bamako, Mali. © UNICEF/Rokiatou Guindo

A child blacksmith behind Marché de Medina Koura. Bamako, Mali. © UNICEF/Zoumana Diallo

Portrait of a young water seller outside the Centre for the Promotion of Training in Photography (CFP). “She is selling water for her boss to help her parents that live in the village,” explained EYE SEE youth photo workshop participant Minata Sissoko, 16. Hippodrome, Bamako, Mali. © UNICEF/Minata Sissoko

A young girl and her brothers in Dravéla.“I wanted to show brotherhood and family bonding,” said EYE SEE youth photo workshop participant Rokia Keita, 16. Bamako, Mali. © UNICEF/Rokia Keita

“Photography is an amazing tool for children who have never been to school,” says Giacomo Pirozzi. “The camera becomes an easy way for them to show what they feel”

I hope these photographs inspire you as much as they have inspired me. You can find more information on the project at EYE SEE website 

Throughout 2011, photographs by the children will be featured in a series of exhibitions around the world, launching in Mali in July.

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4 thoughts on “EYE SEE 2011: A snapshot of Mali through the eyes of the children.

  1. What an amazing project – the concept is brilliant. The photos are so touching and poignant- they just capture my heart. Thanks so much for sharing these photosa and Eye See 2011.

    • I’m glad you think so!
      I also think the photographs were so touching as well.
      I agree that it’s a brilliant concept also. Thanks for stopping by Jill! xx

  2. Hi Helen, looks great! I help run a small charity called KickStart Ghana and we ran a very similar project and will be uploading the results online soon. The photos that came back were fantastic!

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