Laura Jacobs (BBC: Show Me The Monet) Mixed Media Artist

A couple of weeks ago I finished watching the ‘Show Me The Monet‘ series on BBC 2. (A programme a bit like Dragon’s Den but for artists where they have the opportunity to have their work exhibited at the Royal Collage of Art)

I absolutely fell in love with Laura Jacobs work and the mysterious techniques she uses. To see the clip of her on the show, you can view it below:

Laura Jacobs on Show Me the Monet – Watch the Vimeo Video Here.

The piece she chose to present was titled ‘Between Me and You':

'Between Me and You' - Laura Jacobs

I love how she experiments with layering images and plays with the translucency of different papers. Although she was very secretive about what techniques she uses on the show which is what is even more fascinating, wondering how she creates each piece.

A few more of my favourites are:

'Where did we go from here'

Installation View

Laura states she has “explored film by animating my photographs with slow cross dissolves and am particularly drawn to the new imagery created during these cross dissolves; a dreamy, nostalgic reverie, fading in and out of focus and reality, the disappearance, absence and reappearance of the figure. Light is pivotal in the work as it is historically in painting, photography and film. The work has a physical, real exterior space and a psychological interior space”

Artists Statement
Laura Jacob’s Website

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