So resourceful: 111 Projects in 2011 (Interview with Rose Holman)

Today I have an interview with the author of So Resourceful, Rose Holman. After being featured on Freshly Pressed I came across Rose’s blog and was really inspired by her simple but beautiful projects that range from DIY, Home Decorating, Sewing and lots in between. The idea behind her blog is to complete and publish 111 projects in 2011. With regular updates and easy to follow tutorials she has fast become one of my favourite blogs to follow, so you can imagine my excitement when she agreed to be interviewed for my site!

Some of my favourite posts include:

Project 6: Lovely Little Fabric Birds (Click for more images and tutorial)

Project 4: Spool Thread Holder

So, lets get started with the interview!

What type of work do you feature on your blog?

My blog features anything and everything that I have made myself, from sewing projects to DIY, home decorating, tips on making and mending things, and my attempts at being artistic.

I like to think my blog serves two purposes. Firstly, to inspire and motivate (or even just amuse) others, and secondly to record my projects.

I don’t have a professional background in sewing, design or home decorating, and have always lived on a very tight budget, and this is where I have had to be resourceful and creative in my endeavours. I always try to fix, make or find things I need before I go out and buy them new, and have learnt how to mend, salvage and revamp all sorts of things. I love to make things and have a go at doing it myself, and have been like this since I was very young.

I am always making and sewing things (usually from my own patterns), love to be creative and resourceful, and continually try to improve my home on a budget. My blog is a good place to write about what I have learnt over the years, including photographs and instructions to inspire and help others to be resourceful too.

Because I have taught myself most of the techniques I use, a lot of my work is a process of trial and error, and I am happy to share the mistakes I make with my readers, so they don’t make the same mistakes, and to give them a laugh and inspire people who are daunted by the thought of not getting it right first time. You might as well try things, or you’ll never get good at them.

In order to motivate myself to make and do more this year, I have set myself the challenge of completing 111 projects in 2011, and there is nothing like the pressure of being published online to get me motivated to finish what I start!

Where does your inspiration come from?

I have magpie tendencies and have always been attracted to pretty colourful things, and a lot of my inspiration stems from there. Inspiration comes from all around me, and in many forms. It can stem from seeing a vibrant colour in nature, getting a peak into someone else’s home, seeing a photo or picture, and from thoughts and conversations with others. Many of my resourceful home-decorating solutions are born out of necessity and needing practical solutions to living in such a small space.

Often I will be inspired by browsing through fabric shops and charity shops. I might see a fabric and instantly know what I could make from it, how the finished item will look, so I buy the fabric, get it home and start drawing patterns and designs until I have come up with something that will suit the fabric.

A lot of the things I sew are for other people, so inspiration often comes from that person, their character and personality. I might choose a fabric that I would never have for myself but that I know they will love, or add a quirky touch to a design that I know will suit them. Inspiration can come from all around us, once we open our eyes to seeing, creating and dreaming.

How often do you find time to be creative?

Every day I try to do something creative, or at least think about ideas and sketch a few things in my notebook.

Any advice you would like to share with us?I think everyone has it in them to be creative, and people shouldn’t be scared or put off just because they haven’t been ‘taught’ or think they aren’t artistic. There are so many helpful blogs, instructions, forums and blogs online now that offer advice, help and inspiration to anyone. I hope my blog inspires others to have a go and try being creative and resourceful, it is so rewarding and satisfying to make something yourself.

How to: Applique on a Prism PouchI’d like to thank Rose once more for sharing her lovely blog with me and I’m sure she’d love to hear any comments or more questions you have! To follow her blog and keep up to date with her projects click here

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