Reloved/Revamped | Tips for Restyling Old Furniture

I have a few updates of my room and some pieces I have ‘revamped’ to inject a bit of style and personal touch to some of my furniture.
Every piece I have retouched can be done for free, or on a very tight budget. I have scoured car boot sales, estate sales, charity shops, junk shops, bargain bins and high street shops for whatever goodies I can get my hands on!

Before I created anything I put together a mood baord of anything I found beautiful in home & interiors. I wanted to look for inspiration & ideas and develop what style I was trying to recreate. I gathered images, wallpaper samples, magazine cut outs, colour and fabric swatches and photographs and stuck them in a scrapbook for inspiration. Here are

Here are a few pictures from my scrapbook:

I just stuck down pictures from magazines, cuttings, fabric & wallpaper swatches to build colour, texture and to see what went well together.

Ok so now the fun part, getting to make something!

So first I went to my local DIY shop and sneakily took a few (rather large) swatches of gorgeous vintage inspired wallpaper in four different colours.

Next I took my old worse for wear noticeboard and covered it in the blue paper. I used gesso to stick the wallpaper to the cork because normal pva would have left bumps and probably wouldn’t have stuck aswell.

Next I painted the wood boarder a similar pastel blue to match and then glued on a white lace boarder.




Next! Using my left over wallpaper scraps I also covered a plain white lampshade to give it a more vintage inspired feel.

I didn’t take photographs of the progress for this one, but you can see the finished result below.

(The prints & photograph frames on the left were 25p each from a carboot sale! & the clock was £2.99 from a local home store) The oak mirror frame was also given a whitewash to blend with the other pieces.

Here are a few pictures of what i’m working on at the moment.. you can see how i’ve revamped them next time I upload.

First is a beautiful American style rocking chair I bought for £15  at a local carboot sale.

I’m not sure whether to paint it or not yet, so i’ve just styled it in my room with some cushions and a rug I got from the a US estate sale for $1 !

Next is another chair I am working on which so far I have sanded down, cleaned and painted a soft cream colour. I bought some beautiful fabric to cover the seat with, I just haven’t got round to doing it yet.
Here are some pictures of my progress so far..

I’ll update again when I’ve finished these projects.

For more of my tutorials, interviews, inspiration & flea market finds see my inspired:finds blog

Bye for now. x

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2 thoughts on “Reloved/Revamped | Tips for Restyling Old Furniture

  1. Wow, I love all your revamped work! So nice to find other bloggers with the same passions as me! It is so satisfying to lovingly restore and change an old bit of furniture into something beautiful. I love your inspirational scrap book.

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